Ormiston Town

Size 19 hectares
Type Retail, Commercial, Residential and Community facilities
Estimated project completion date Year 2022
Development Managers Simone Horrobin & Sean Leonard
WEBSITE ormistontown.co.nz

Ormiston is an innovative project that promises to revolutionise the future of town centre development in New Zealand.

Surrounded by the stunning green spaces of south-east Auckland, Ormiston Town Centre’s unique metropolitan environment will meld exciting retail and commercial opportunities with high-quality residential and community experiences to create the perfect balance for modern living.

Located, across 19 hectares of land in one of the country’s fastest growing suburban areas, Ormiston offers an unparalleled opportunity for families to enjoy the benefits of living in a lively and flourishing new community with the convenience of shopping and recreational opportunities right on their doorstep.

There will be a mix of housing options available from high-quality terraced homes to modern spacious apartments and innovative work-live spaces. All of the homes will be clustered around green and shared spaces to create a strong sense of neighbourhood and community spirit.

Community facilities are also a priority with a new library and aquatic centre included in the plans. The development is a partnership between Todd Property Group and Auckland Council.

“When completed, Ormiston Town will breathe life into the surrounding area and create a new focal point for the region. The community is excited about it and so are we,” says Todd Property Managing Director Evan Davies.